Premium Listing Options

Premium Listing Options

We value your business listing and therefore hope you decide to upgrade your listing to Premium. With preferred placement in search, your business is guaranteed to be seen by more people.These are the extra benefits that your premium listing will give you:

Your listings can be:

1. Recurring monthly Business Listing Payment

Small monthly recurring charge of £5 for placing your listing.

2. One Time Business Listing Payment

Listing package cost is ONLY £24.99 for 6 Months saving you £5 on the monthly subscription.

You can also FEATURE your listing on the Homepage or the Category Page for extra fees.

Price settings for Featured listings –

Amount to be charged (for featuring on main homepage slider) – £99.97 for 1 year

Amount to be charged (for featuring on categories page slider) – £29.97 for 1 year

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