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Frequently Asked Questions on UK Exports, UK Imports

The Basics on UK Exports, UK Imports

Where does UK Exports, UK Imports get the business information displayed on listings?

All information have been provided by the advertisers.

What is UK Exports, UK Imports? is a growing online business directory and community, giving UK businesses a place to connect and grow by offering a simple and effective way for them to promote their products & services to potential customers and for worldwide clients to be able to promote their goods and services to UK companies. Our main objective is to harness the power of the internet to help drive new customers to businesses listed on UK Exports, UK Imports.

How do I view the terms of use?

The terms of use can be viewed Here

How do I view the privacy policy?

The UK Exports, UK privacy policy can be viewed Here

How do I retrieve my password if I have forgotten it?

You can reset your password by using the Forgotten Your Password utility.

Does UK Exports, UK Imports use cookies and what are they for?

Our website uses a number of cookies to store data on our visitor’s computers. To view the types of cookies used and what the are used for Click Here


Adding a Listing

What is a business listing on UK Exports, UK Imports?

UK Exports, UK Imports business listings are “business cards” added by company representatives who provide information about who the company is and what product or service they provide.

Can I add my company to UK Exports, UK Imports?

Yes! We’ll love you to be a part our growing business directory & community! Adding your company to UK Exports, UK Imports is easy and free… Click here to add your company information

Why should I register my company on UK Exports, UK Imports?

Because registration is free and adding a listing is a great way to increase traffic to your business. Once registered you can update your company profile, connect with other companies and take advantage of additional tools available to improve the performance of your Listing on


Upgrades and Payments

What are these optional listing upgrades?

The various optional upgrades offered are yearly subscription services that give you more “bells and whistles” than a normal standard listing, and are designed to help attract more customers to your business. By upgrading you can make your listing stand out and attract more customers. Some of the extra benefits an upgraded listing receives are a bolded company title and a company logo, direct links to a company website and social media pages such as Facebook ,Twitter and Google Plus, extra keywords or phrases to get more exposure by appearing in more search results.You can also create a full company profile page with more details of products and services, opening times, photos and an interactive map showing the company location. A major benefit is priority placement in search results, positioning is everything and with priority placement listings will be seen first by customers within search results and get more views than free listings with general placement.


What methods of payment can be used on UK Exports, UK Imports?

We currently accept debit and credit card payments from MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Amex and Discover Cards. All credit card authorizations are conducted through a secure link with our secure payment gateway provider, PayPal.

Can I cancel my chosen upgrades?

Yes, you can cancel your upgraded listing at anytime. Any further recurring payments will be cancelled, however, you will be responsible for any charges incurred prior to cancelling your upgrade.

Why has my listing not been upgraded after paying for an upgrade?

Most listings are upgraded immediately upon payment. However, on the rare occasion that it is not automatically upgraded, we will upgrade it manually within a maximum of 3 hours after the purchase was made.

What is UK Exports, UK Imports’s Refund Policy?

You are free to cancel upgrade subscriptions at any time, but we do not refund for services already rendered. So if you decide to cancel your subscription after your account has been renewed, you will still receive the services you have already paid for, but your subscription will not be renewed the next time it expires.